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Breakfast Made Easy Breakfast Made Easy

Breakfast Made Easy

Are you one of those people who always rises before the alarm, to get in those early morning kilometres before breakfast? Leaving the house without breakfast and getting on the...

Fruity Fuel

Our signature fruit based energy bar - designed with the idea of incorporating fruits, and grains to provide a bar packed full of energy, that also tastes great. Using dried...
From £1.60

Geared up Granola

The newest product to our range is the Geared up Granola. We've spent several months working on recipes, testing them, revamping them before finally settling on this recipe! The mix...
From £4.00

Get up and Go

The bigger sibling to the original "Get up and Go" energy ball, was created off the back of a growing number of requests from our loyal customers who loved the...
From £1.80

Get up and Go Ball

 The older brother of the bar version, this was one of the first products developed when Pedal Bites began. It was designed for those needing that quick get up, but...
From £2.50

Le Roulier Ball

We've spent time recently working on a ball that fitted into the meaning of cycling - and feel that the name Le Roulier fits it best: "When searching for those...
From £2.50

Lets go Apre

Unfortunately, summer doesn't last too long in the UK or even appear at times it feels like for us! With both of us hailing from Down Under, where the sun...
From £1.60

Nuts about Grains

 If you're more of a nut based muesli bar fan, then “Nuts about Grains” is for you! We spent time researching the best nuts to use when out and about....
From £1.60
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