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Pedal Bites is growing and we want you to be apart of this exciting opportunity! We’re looking to grow our brand want you to be apart of this! Are you an age group athlete, road racer or just an avid weekend cyclist / runner – who loves to get out there, train and share your experiences? Your fitting the criteria to become a part of Team Pedal Bites.

 Well pop your profile up on the site, a photo and a quick piece about why you chose PB! You’ll be able to call yourself a Brand Ambassador / Supported by on your social media handles by just tagging us @pedalbites. Regaular shout outs from us always sent with a big smile!
In return we ask that you get active on social media & pop our details on your website, and if you’ve got a kit being made for your big event: we’d love to see our logo on it!


 Friends of Pedal Bites Benefits:

  • Team Pedal Bites discount code on all future purchases.
  • Special discount codes for friends to enjoy Pedal Bites
  • Your profile / story on our website.
  • Regular promotion via our website and social media.
  • Free nutrition at selected events


Brand Ambassadors will be asked to:

  • Regularly use our products for training and events.
  • Add your Brand Ambassador title and @pedalbites tag to your various social media handles. Pop us down as sponsor or supporter on your website/blog with a link to our website.
  • Tweet and blog about how you use our products and their benefits.
  • Mention us on your website, blog and social media with photos of you and our bites! In training, at competitions or even just at the coffee shop – were always wanting to see photos and mentions!


    If this is you, and you feel like you would like to get involved and be apart of Pedal Bites as we go, then please simply fill in the form below or send us an email to riley@pedalbites.cc - with a brief background on yourself, ambitions and what youd bring to Pedal Bites! Were just ordinary people making tasty bites – and so we don’t want to be reading un-realistic stories and emails!

    Get in touch and let the journey begin!

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